Thursday October 19th

9.30h - 10.30h Registration & Coffee (R. 1.801)

10.30- 11h Welcome and Orientation. Bert van den Bergh, Sabine Flick, Kieran Keohane & Anders Petersen

11.00h - 12.45h Panels A & B

A Academia and Suffering  (R. 1.802)                         B Buddhism and Optimiziation (R.1.801)

                                              12.45h-14.00h  Lunch

14.00h -15h30h

Keynote Prof. Dr. Hartmut Rosa (Jena)

(R. 1.801)

"Modernity's Deepest  Fear: Alienation and Alienation's Other"

                                              15.30h - 16.00h Coffee

16.00 - 17.45h Panels C & D

C: Resilience and Human Rights (R.1.802)                  D:  Theorizing Social Pathologies (R.1.801)

19h  Conference Dinner

Friday October 20th

9.00h - 10.45h Panels E & F

E:  Neoliberalism, Alienation and new Collectives (R. 1.802)   F: Fields of Suffering (R.1.812)

                                               10.45h – 11.15h Coffee


Keynote Prof. Dr. Thomas Fuchs (Heidelberg)

(R. 1.801)

"The Social Chronopathology of Depression"

                                               12.45h - 13.45h Lunch

13.45h - 15.30h  Panels G & H

G: Subjectivation and Practices of the Self (R.1.802)           H: Work, Time & Stress (R.1.812)

                                              15.30h - 16.00h Coffee

16.00h Roundtable Discussion: 'Adressing the future: brainstorming for the Routledge book series Social Pathologies of Contemporary Civilization'. (Bert van den Bergh, Anders Petersen, Kieran Keohane, John O'Brien) (R. 1.801)

17.00h Farewell Address

Conference Ends

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